Fire extinguisher balls

Fire extinguisher balls are small shaped automatic fire extinguishers that can be thrown to the fire and dispense fire-fighting substances within 3 seconds. They are effective both passively and actively, i.e. mounted on the wall and/or thrown or rolled into flames. The loud noise that the fire extinguisher ball makes is useful in ridding the area of smoke. Fire extinguisher balls reduce the risk of fire by providing additional protection in areas where there is a high risk of Class B fires.

AFO’s Fire ball products release non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals when activated, meaning humans, animals, the environment, and electrical devices won’t be harmed when putting out a fire with fire suppression ball. Fire extinguishing balls offer unique benefits and are often used in conjunction with other more traditional fire extinguishers to provide additional protection and coverage in homes and offices. Although it is not generally recommended that the device be used actively on a Class B fire, it can still be mounted for passive protection in areas where there is a high risk of Class B fires.

fire extinguisher balls

AFO fire suppression ball size and price

fireball extinguisher

Our best selling size for the fireball extinguisher is 0.5kg and 1.3kg
$ 3
  • 5 years warranty
  • More size and shape for choose
  • Easy to use and safety for human
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A fire extinguisher ball is a self-activating fire extinguisher that disperses non-toxic chemicals to extinguish fires within a three-cubic meter radius. It is available in different sizes and is designed to provide an additional line of defense for fighting fires. The balls are typically constructed with a foam casing wrapped in PVC and react to heat.

Normally fire ball extinguisher last for five years without requiring maintenance or servicing, It is important to inspect the fire extinguisher ball before use to ensure that it is in good condition.

The AFO Fire Extinguishing Ball contains the same dry chemicals found in standard extinguishers and can be used to stop fire classes A, B, and C. The ball is designed to be self-activating – upon contacting the flame, the breaker activates and the dry chemical is dispersed, covering a fire area of 4m2 (13 ft2– equivalent to the standard 5 lb content extinguisher). The outward circular force from the fire extinguishing ball blast will assist in removing oxygen from the fire area, and the dry chemical will extinguish the fire.

The powder used in fire extinguishing balls is usually a mix of monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate. Monoammonium phosphate is usually more active than ammonium sulfate. The mix between these two agents is usually 40-60%, 60-40%, or 90-10% depending on local standards worldwide.

Fire extinguishing balls are constructed with a foam casing wrapped in PVC. They react to heat and flames quickly, causing triggers embedded in them to respond and disperse dry chemical fire suppressant locked inside. The chemical agent used in these balls is usually monoammonium phosphate which can be safely used as garden fertilizer when mixed with water.

The AFO Fire Extinguishing Ball has a diameter of 152 mm and weighs 1.3kg (+/- 0.2kg).

To use a fire extinguisher ball, simply throw it towards the fire and it will activate in 3 to 5 seconds. This is very easy to use and does not require any pin or spare parts or training.

The automatic fire extinguisher ball self-activates after about 3 to 5 seconds of fire exposure. It can be thrown, flown, released or launched into an active fire.

Fire extinguishing balls are effective in a passive and active manner that is mounted on the wall and/or thrown or rolled into the flames. Flexibility and ease of use makes it a wise choice for family homes.

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